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Telit GE 910 hangs whenever any device is connected or disconnected on it main serial port.

I am using your ioEYE library for Telit GE 910. I have connected a serial device on the serial port. The ioEYE device app is configured to send a command to the device on the serial port every minute. The device responds with data and the same is send to the ioEYE platform.

Every thing works fine. Now if you switch the GE 910 on and off while the device is still connected some times the GE910 will not send any data to the ioEYE platform. The device seems to be in a hang state as it does not come online.

We had installed a device in field and this issue at times make the GE 910 hang whenever the power supply to GE910 is switches on or off. After this the device will never come online until you reboot it after disconnecting the device, and then reconnecting once the device is online.

Please help as this is causing a lot of problem in one of our project where we have 100+ GE 910 connected to ioEYE. We have to send people on field every few days to just restart devices.

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Are you using a 9 pin null modem cable. The Telit module pin six when connected with field devices can cause it to be high during restarts. This leads to the Telit GE910 not going into the script modem. You should use a five wire null modem with handshake. The connections are as follows:

Telit GE 910 DB9 End Device DB9 End Function
2 3 Rx Tx
3 2 Tx Rx
5 5 Signal ground

You can also view the connection diagrams here

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